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STO Marketing Services

Security Token is the next trendsetter in the cryptocurrency market. The tokenized securities market will be driven predominantly by the larger vision of growth, trusting investors, and the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscapes. At Nadcab Technology, our vision is to create a well balanced and integrated marketing communication strategy that is aimed towards the ultimate goal of raising the brand value of your company in the eye of the investors.

Security Token Marketing Company (STO) needs a comprehensive outlook. The challenge is for the investors to find you on the first try. We will guide you to get better results through precise planning and organized execution in consultation with you to build investor trust and help you reach your goal. Our team is well-versed in technology as well as the marketing of investment opportunities through the right strategy to get desired results.

What is General Solicitation?

The General Solicitation, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) permits issuers to advertise and market their offering to the investors provided that:

  • An external agent, such as a broker, to be an intermediary

  • Use a questionnaire requesting investors to provide self-verification regarding their financial status

  • Use password protection preventing the general public the general access to investment information on the websites.

What is General Solicitation?

Five Pillars of Our STO Marketing Services

Our STO marketing strategy is built on five pillars which are Consult, Research, Strategize, Deal Marketing, and Proxy Marketing. These pillars form the backbone for any successful marketing. We plan and deliver with our team of compelling content writers, skilled SEO experts, and enthusiastic marketers to make your vision a reality. We offer visuals, content, updated marketing strategies, and most of all, a compelling message to your investors to fund your project.

We do not want to stop at offering what others do. We are going a step ahead to offer you our own specialties. Through our strategic partnerships, we want to help our clients’ to find the most suited investors they can pitch about their projects with deal marketing. Our panel of experts will talk about the projects through press releases, magazine interviews, and their official blogs/vlogs. These experts will be guided by the Proxy marketing team.

Owners manual Audit

Owner’s Manual Audit

If you have a Whitepaper/Owner’s manual ready, our team of expert technical, marketing, and content advisors will guide you to make the owner’s manual attractive for investors. In addition, our team of designers will add creatives for a better explanation of the project.



The company’s brand plays an integral part in investors to fund your project. The message about who you are and what you stand for is important to prove your value to the investors. We make sure that the brand integrity of the project is maintained.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Investors are picky about the projects they chose to fund. Any drop in reputation will hurt the company. We love to maintain your reputation in the crypto-communities, telegram and other social media channels thereby protecting your brand from negative reviews.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

The word of mouth marketing is the oldest tricks in the book. However, our relationships with influencers allow your project to have a voice that will drive the target audience to the project. The team includes bloggers, social media stars in the crypto-community, and Youtube Vloggers.


Content Curation

The content marketing program will help your project build and maintain visibility as a solution provider to an existing problem. The content team is a driving force for your project through engaging and value-creating content that matches the goals and strategy of the project.

email marketing

E-Mail Marketing

We aim to remarket and upsell the value of the project while creating targeted campaigns for investors. The E-mail blast service is initiated through newsletters, tracking of the performance through monthly reports and analytics.

social media management

Social Media Management

The signals received through social media and communities play an essential role in understanding investor behavior especially, the retail investors. In addition, it creates positive brand awareness and a digital footprint thereby increasing the conversation rates.

Offline Events

Offline Events

Be present in front of your investors through roadshows. These include the leadership team attending as delegates, speaking as visionaries, sponsoring as leaders, and exhibiting their future in blockchain & investment related events.

Press Release

Press Release

Press Release adds a layer of credibility to your security token marketing services. We work with leading PR distribution agencies to create a compelling story that provides the right overview of your project. In addition, your passion for the project and the problems you aim to solve can be communicated.

Our STO Marketing Foundation

Nadcab Technology aims to create an optimal strategy for penetration into the minds of the investors. We help Security Token Offering Marketing reach their goals through effective marketing strategy, by analyzing the brand message and perception in the communities.

  • Our Team will evaluate the product value created for your investors as well as the company. The value of the offerings to the fund managers must be more than just discounts, rather an investment with long-term benefits.

  • We will analyze the offering among your competitors and find the unique selling points(USPs) about your product or service. The USPs tend to attract investors who will take a chance in investing in your company.

  • The right communication strategy is key to creating and capturing value. It is important that all sources of official communications carry the same message; online & offline. We will provide you with a branding kit with a logo, brochures, etc.

  • The project can be delivered with our team of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who will create security tokens on your own blockchain. The fully customized blockchain allows you to be in forefront of STO marketing services industry in a safe and secure way.

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