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Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)

Technically, an IEO campaign is another form of ICO. The key difference between them lies in where and how the security is offered to investors. As identical with its name, an IEO enables token offering by partnering with an exchange platform, rather than directly distributing them among investors. While a public ICO enables anyone to participate in the offering, in an IEO only members of that particular exchange platforms can invest in tokens. Rather than following specific steps of an ICO campaign, the project team can follow an IEO’s standard procedure for buying and storing tokens from that particular exchange. In many ways, it standardizes the process of token offering as the exchange sets the terms of purchase.

What is the process flow to carry out fund raising via IEO?

An IEO issuer is required to submit its application including a white paper to an IEO Operator for approval.The white paper, an important aspect of an offering, would include, among others, the material information on the IEO issuer, the digital token and the utilisation of funds obtained through the IEO issuer’s fundraising exercise.

Initial Exchange Offering
 How to participate in an IEO?

How to participate in an IEO?

As IEOs are currently, relatively rare in the crypto community, it is not that hard to find one that you like. After you’ve found your IEO of choice, you need to find which exchanges are hosting the crowdsale.The next step is to register an account on the cryptocurrency exchange and complete the KYC and AML verification process.After you are done with that, check out the cryptocurrencies you can use to contribute to the IEO, and fund your account with a coin that is accepted in the crowdsale. The last step is to wait until the IEO starts to buy your tokens.

Will IEOs create the next fundraising boom?

Nadcab Blockchain - IEOs provide an increased level of trust among cryptocurrency projects, because the exchanges hosting the crowdsales actively participate in the fundraising process, which improves the efficiency of the crowdsale. Therefore, IEOs have the potential of becoming the standard model for raising funds in the crypto space and maybe even creating the next fundraising boom.

Steps to launch an IEO

We believe in creating disruptive tech, that anyone can use for their project. Much like a DEX where anyone can list their tokens, our platform allows any project to host an ILO and launch their token. This means we have no say in which tokens use this platform. It is completely open. The following are some of the risks present in an ILO, and is far from being an exhaustive list:

Steps To Launch An IEO
  • The process is almost identical to an ICO with few mandatory requirements as follows:
  • An ideal and comprehensive Business Model
  • Innovative and advanced technologies
  • A minimal viable product (MVP)
  • Descriptive White Paper
  • A strong team to back up the project
  • Decent Hard cap
  • Buzz of initial investors

Nadcab Blockchain Approach to Launching your IEO

Now you know what is an Initial Exchange Offering and steps to launch one, let’s move on to reasons why entrepreneurs are focusing on launching IEOs:

  • Fundraising Ecosystem :

    The foremost benefit of IEO is that here the fundraising process is governed by the exchanges. Entrepreneurs need not put extra efforts to bring more investors on the platform and encourage them to do a favor. The exchange handles everything from promotion to the use of IEO for raising funds, and lets startups get access to the amount once the IEO is over. All in return for a listing fee and a commision on token sales.

  • Wider User Base :

    Another reason why Entrepreneurs are embracing the idea of initial exchange offering development and launch is that each and every exchange trading platform has millions of users who are actively involved in token sales. So, even if you are not familiar with a wide range of investors, an IEO will provide you with quick and easy access to fundings.

  • Investors Verification :

    Unlike other blockchain funding models where startups have to verify investors, this task is performed by exchanges in the case of IEOs. Here, the associated crypto exchange conducts KYC/AML to ensure that you do not end up wasting time in partnering with legal companies to perform the verification process effectively.

  • Trustability :

    Here, exchange not solely verifies investors but also checks the credibility of token issuers before launching an IEO on their platform. This makes it easier for both investors and startups to build a trust in the relationship, rather than pondering upon ways to be sure about the authenticity of each other.

  • Smart Contract management :

    In the case of ICO and other methods to raise funds in the blockchain space, smart contracts are managed by token issuers, i.e, startups. But, in the case of IEO, they are managed by exchanges conducting the token sale. This gives Entrepreneurs an opportunity to focus on other important activities without suffering at any point.

  • Token Listing :

    Last but not least, IEO also facilitates startups and others with the facility to list their tokens efficiently. Implying, token issuers need not comply with different regulations on raising funds to approach a reputed exchange and list their token. The process begins from this step itself in the case of IEO.

IEO Launch Services

We provide end-to-end IEO launch services to help companies raise funds by creating tokens and using our strategic partnership with exchanges to list their tokens. Our team of IEO experts kickstarts the project with the ideation process where we discuss the client’s idea and identify if crypto exchanges will support the token or not.

Check Our IEO Work

Our Service for IEO Launching

  • Token Creation/Development
  • Exchange Listing
  • Light Paper Drafting
  • White Paper Drafting
  • Investor's Deck
  • Wallet Development Services
  • Landing Page Development
  • Community Building
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Project-based Model

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