What is the Difference between an Unilevel MLM Plan and Binary MLM Plan

What is the Difference between an Unilevel MLM Plan and Binary MLM Plan

Comparison between Unilevel MLM Plan Software and Binary MLM Plan Software

Choosing the right MLM compensation plan for your marketing or direct selling company is very tricky, but it is the most important task. There are many plans in the industry, and it's up to the company to choose the best plan that meets all your needs. The most commonly used MLM plans are Unilevel and Binary.

Unilevel Plan MLM Software

Unilevel Plan is an easy concept for other plans in the MLM industry. It is simple to compare and communicate with other MLM plans. In this plan, you can sponsor as many distributors as you want, and you have to put all the wires in front. There are mainly three types of compensation in Unilevel plans. Sponsor Bonuses, Quick Start Bonuses, and Level Commissions. The main motive of this plan is to add as many members as you can in one line, make this plan more attractive and interesting, and get some incentives, bonuses at a certain level of completion.

How does the Unilevel MLM Plan Work?

Many users think this is a one-step plan due to the title, but it is not really a two-to-ten plan. In the first level, you can add "unlimited members" and increase the width. The single-level plan is attractive and easy for the company, so distributors can easily get amazing results. It's easy to recruit large members to the downline, and as the downline grows, distributors can make amazing profits, so users can earn money. A simple MLM plan with a traditionally accepted concept to expand the network by directly controlling distributors. Expectations for this plan are all high and reduce the chances of chasing tails anymore. Collect the ducks in one row for wisdom. Under the Unilevel plan, distributors are free to sponsor any distributor they like. There are no leaks in Unilevel plans, so all sponsored distributors are placed at the forefront of the distributors that sponsored them. Distributors are charged the sales fees of all Distributors assigned by them. After that, some percentage of compensation for the amount of business generated by all members of the downline is paid to the first person and limited to some level. Generally, you pay at 4-10 level depth or 5-7 level depth depending on your company's choice.

Key points of Unilevel MLM Plans

There are three main benefits of single-level planning enough to convince MLM industry leaders to choose this plan. These advantages are: As mentioned earlier, the MLM Uni-Level Plan is easy to understand. Therefore, no distributor understands this, or is difficult to explain to potential customers. You can also easily join the company to educate newly sponsored distributors.

There are no restrictions on recruiting front-line distributors. Therefore, any distributor can sponsor any distributor they wish to sponsor. And by doing so, you will have the opportunity to form a strong and long distribution team. As you can see above, there are no restrictions on the distribution of sponsors, so you can sponsor more distributors on the front to create more commissions the more distributors, the more commissions.

Binary Plan MLM Software

Binary MLM Software is a web-based application that maintains the Binary MLM plan and to keep track of downline’s incomes and expenditure. This Binary MLM Software is systemized with all the activities that are done by the MLM companies. So this software, which provides the right way to our networking plan, is built to make your business easier. To this end, multi-level software has been introduced into the market. Because MLM has a lot of plans. One of them is binary planning. Let me introduce a little about this binary plan. In this plan, you can only hire two distributors. Each distributor is called your leg. That means you can hire 2 legs under you. One is the outer leg (i.e. power leg) and the other is the inner leg (i.e. revenue leg). And the two distributors you recruit under you will recruit 2-2 distributors under them. In other words, this system has 2 legs (power and revenue legs). Again, this process can't expand more chains as it recruits more people. As the chain expands, the need for software increases.

How does Binary MLM Plan Works?

The binary reward plan allows each member to recruit and sponsor two other members to participate in the plan, so the plan can be expanded quickly in much less time. At the forefront of the binary plan are two legs, left and right. However, if a hiring manager hires more than one member, the new member is added to the next available member in the power leg. This allows you to share new members between all downline power legs, but this process is called spillover regardless of who recruited this member. However, in the case of profit legs, no leak occurs because the profit legs only increase to individually sponsored downlines. One of the major variants of binary technology is that it is quantity inspiration, unlike level inspiration. This also indicates that there is an inspiration to help your organization's new affiliates.

Features of Binary MLM Plan Software

1) E-wallet provided- An electronic wallet is like a virtual wallet that allows users to earn and spend. E-wallets help users to trade easily. E-wallet users can trade in the form of virtual currency.

2) Multi-currency- support: MLM is an international business that operates worldwide. Binary MLM software supports international currencies, so you can run international currencies through transactions. Anywhere, users can use this MLM software to make income and expenses with currency conversion manually or automatically.

3) Downline- member list: Binary MLM software you can own the ability to show downline members. MLM software can record a complete list of downline members on the network. Users can also communicate via email and SMS to create networks and complete downline teams.

4) Maintain transaction details- Users can view the entire transaction history using transaction date/time and bank information or payment mode information used for the transaction. The binary MLM plan can keep a complete report on member income and expenses. It also gives managers full control so they can monitor all transactions and track business profitability.

5) Support panel- The support panel is integrated into the binary MLM software. MLM software provides instant support for users to send software related queries and help solve problems. We are here to provide 24x7 support Binary MLM software.

6) Transfer from e-wallet to e-wallet- Binary MLM software we provide member wallet to member wallet or business wallet to member wallet transfer to realize network flow. Users can request wallet transfers from other users, and users have the right to approve or reject wallet transfer requests.

7) User-friendly and clean dashboard- Binary MLM software provides a very user-friendly dashboard that gives users very easy access to features. Users can see the full software details on the dashboard and navigate anywhere for any task.

8) Complete response- Binary MLM software works well on all screen sizes. Users can access it from anywhere on any device. Fits all screen sizes. Provide a workable workflow.

9) Custom profile picture- Binary MLM software can provide the ability to customize your profile picture. Users can upload their own profile picture by updating their profile on the profile page.

10) SMS and email integration- Binary MLM software provides SMS and email integration to software that members can receive and notify via SMS and email. MLM is a fast-growing company, and most companies with stakes run their business using the Unilevel MLM Plan and Binary MLM plans. One of the most important reasons is the financial freedom and enormous growth rate that these two popular MLM plans offer. MLM companies sell products directly to customers instead of traditional distribution channels. Happy customers and distributors Binary and Unilevel Compensation plans allow you to receive commissions based on sales generated in a more structured way. When a customer becomes a distributor, additional team commissions are also eligible.

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