Autopool MLM Software Developers in Indore

Autopool MLM Software Developers in Indore


AUTO POOL MLM Software is a web-based application that maintains the AUTO POOL MLM Plan and to keep track of Club Income, Working & Non-Working incomes and expenditure. This AUTO POOL MLM Software is systemized with all the activities that are done by the MLM companies.

What is Auto pool MLM Plan?

Auto pool  MLM Plan is defined as a combination or group of multiple non-working structures. It's also a combination of working and nonworking income system. In which working plan structure is Monoline MLM Structure, Binary MLM Structure or 1x3 Matrix MLM Structure wherever nonworking is mostly 1x3 Matrix MLM.

Autopool mlm plan
Auto mlm plan work

How Does Auto pool MLM Plan Work?

Autopool MLM working process id is firstly placed in working income plan structure thereafter auto-upgrade on the non-working structure after qualifying Auto pool MLM Plan Conditions.ID Upgradation is maybe auto or manual in Auto pool MLM. In Non-working Structure placed according to a number of id upgrade. like the first upgrade, id takes the first position second will goes down of first. After completing one pool structure id auto-upgrade on the next level pool.

Features Offered by Nadcab MLM Software

Auto pool MLM Software offered by us has an unwavering focus on providing the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions to our customers. We offer a wide range of enterprise features to enable businesses to effortlessly go from good to great. All our features are custom-made to help MLM businesses hone their business decision capability to create sustained business success.

How to Make Auto pool MLM Software work successfully for you?

The Non-Working Income structure of the Auto pool Plan allows sub-distributors to activate their network to make sales. There is no limitation, and the downline grows successfully in working. Additionally, the standard Plan works on the payout for the compensation between 4 to 10 levels. The Auto pool compensation plan allows the first up-gradation to benefit from the fewest effort, which involves his downline. A dividend bonus is offered from the business volume of each individual.

How To Make Autopool Mlm Plan Work

Nadcab MLM Software has been designed to manage the Plan accurately. For many businesses, transparency and real-time results add to the overall benefits of this application. The essential factors that make the software work for you are:

  • Regulation of the payment
  • It accepts minimal pay for the volume of members
  • A monthly calculator defines the payments and compensations to each downline
  • The software will indicate the sales volumes and associate members
  • The stability offers an online expansion of business
  • Bonuses add to the motivation of the downlines to perform better
  • When distributors achieve the targets fast bonus works
  • Level commissions add to the profitability figures


Motivate the Auto pool MLM business network team with different compensation schemes. Make them active by setting different goals and criteria to achieve commissions and bonuses. Configure your own compensation rules, create a unique custom compensation structure as per demands, etc. Here are some of the compensation configurations in Advanced Auto pool MLM Software.

  • Direct sponsor bonus:

    A bonus received for referring new members to the uni-level tree

  • Level bonus:

    A bonus received by the distributors once the downline members add a new referral./p>

  • Non-working bonus:

    A dividend of income collected in pool auto pool.

  • Rank advancement bonus:

    Club income is for an achiever who achieves club rank

Features Of Auto pool MLM Software

  • Easy To Use Dashboard
  • Digital Wallet
  • Genealogy Tree
  • Multiple-Currency Support
  • Multiple-Language Support
  • Responsive Design
  • Team Analyzer
  • Network Analyzer
  • Profile Management
  • Multi-Network Display
  • User Migration
  • Hierarchy Listing
  • My Members List
  • Advance Rank Calculations
  • Set Custom Ranking Rules
  • Income Report
  • Expenditure Report
  • Multi-Withdrawal Support
  • Multi-Payout Support
  • Referral List
  • compensation Calculation
  • Bulk Registration
  • Multi-Compensation Support
  • Digital Wallet for Business
  • Activity Tracker
  • Automatic Payout System
  • Customizable Compensation Plans
  • Configurable Business Plans
  • Add Members Without Limit
  • Integrated Lead Capturing System
  • Multi-Payment Support
  • Integrated Replication System
  • Bulk Sms
  • System Messenger
  • Payment Failure Report
  • Digital Wallet Transfers
  • Manage User Types
  • CMS Website
  • Bitcoin Integration Paid
  • Multi-Wallet Support
  • Automatic Payout Paid
  • Ecommerce Integration Paid
  • Employee Management System Paid
  • Bulk Mail

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