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Initial Farm Offering (IFO)

IFO Initial Farm Offering Development

Technically, an IEO campaign is another form of ICO. The key difference between them lies in where and how the security is offered to investors. As identical with its name, an IEO enables token offering by partnering with an exchange platform, rather than directly distributing them among investors. While a public ICO enables anyone to participate in the offering, in an IEO only members of that particular exchange platforms can invest in tokens. Rather than following specific steps of an ICO campaign, the project team can follow an IEO’s standard procedure for buying and storing tokens from that particular exchange. In many ways, it standardizes the process of token offering as the exchange sets the terms of purchase.

Working Of IFO Platform

The working of IFO kick-starts with listing the IFOs in DEX, PancakeSwap obviously. It is mandatory for the users to provide liquidity through staking of CAKE-BNB tokens. Only through staking they obtain LP tokens which could be used to purchase the IFO sale tokens. Once the IFO is live, the user can opt for basic sales or unlimited sales. The difference is that basic sale allows users to commit a maximum of $100 worth of CAKE-BNB LP tokens without entry fees. While in an unlimited sale, there is no limit for CAKE-BNB LP tokens, but it includes some entry fees. By committing these LP tokens, IFO sale tokens could be purchased. The system gives users the IFO tokens and renders liquidity to the fundraised project.

Working of IFO Platform
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What Is Initial Farm Offering (IFO) ?

Initial Farm Offering is a novel type of token sale event, say a fundraising event for cryptocurrency-based projects. IFOs are hosted in decentralized exchange platforms and PancakeSwap is the one introducing IFO for its forthcoming projects. In this way, the users can take part in pre-sales facilitated through decentralized exchanges to obtain tokens before the process of listing in the exchanges. The crew from DEX will validate and verify the projects before hosting the authorized IFO. It significantly benefits the projects as well as and its users to a greater extent. But how?

It bestows farming rewards and simultaneously assists new projects with an impressive liquidity pool Putting together, this concept makes users generate remarkable yields and also paves a path for the liquidity of the respective token. Most importantly, about 50% of the funds gathered will be burnt in cake if the sale is completed.

Launch of Initital Farm Offering

Nadcab Blockchain - The launch of the IFO development platform in the blockchain market dominated various competitors to top the market. The IFO process benefits both new projects, PancakeSwap and its users. The IFO is efficient enough to allocate farming rewards for PancakeSwap users for providing new projects with an incentivized liquidity pool. The systems associated with IFO enable generating sustainable yields for PancakeSwap users and create initial liquidity for respective tokens.

Benefits of Initial Farm Offering Development

The IFO platform is entirely decentralized to eliminate the need for central authority permission to transact funds securely by benefiting global users with less gas fees and wait time. The use of the IFO platform benefits PancakeSwap users and new investors with an opportunity to burn the CAKE tokens and instant liquidity.

Benefits Of Initial Farm Offering Development
  • Initial Farm Offering highly benefits the buyers to achieve quick and easy liquidity and earn excessive ROI as passive earnings from the platform to generate their enterprise income.
  • The new fundraising model gives a dual-margin proposition for transacting funds and is extremely advantageous for fundraising functions.
  • It offers a transparent and reliable fundraising occasion for international users to take part and reap earnings in much less time.
  • Initial Farm Offering Development Services offer a platform that is fully decentralized to eliminate the need for central authority permission to transact funds securely by benefiting international customers with much fewer gas fees and wait times.

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