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Tokenization Asset Offering

Tokenization Asset Offering - Tokenize All Your Real-World Assets

Tokenization of Things is that the buzzword at the instant round the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Large conglomerates and financial giants have begun to enter Tokenized Asset Offerings(TAO) and offering Tokenization as a Service(TaaS). The cryptocurrency market has evolved itself from Bitcoin to ICOs and now to Taos. The expansion of cryptos into the asset tokenization may be a natural progression since it allows traditional land, art galleries, and illiquid asset classes to maneuver into the blockchain.

Asset tokenization refers to the method of converting the ownership of real-world assets into multiple digital tokens. Be it risk capital funds, equity shares, land, precious metals like gold, silver, diamond, etc. it's possible to tokenize any asset. The tokens are backed by blockchain technology that records every transaction on the platform to secure the user and therefore the asset information comprehensively. This technology enables more efficiency and security for the investors and brings in zestful opportunities for brand spanking new participants. Our experts from Nadcab Technology will offer an all-inclusive asset tokenization platform with avant-garde blockchain technology, functionalities, and features which will ensure a seamless business experience for the purchasers.

Tokenized Asset Offering paves way for financial markets to move into blockchain through automated KYC/AML, investor verification, and a fully transparent voting rights.

  • More Compliance
  • The inclusion of Institutional Investors & Fund Managers
  • Liquidity of the Illiquid Assets
  • Transparent, Efficient & Scalable
  • Reduction in Illiquidity Discounts/ Liquidity Premiums
  • Reduction of Spread Charges

White Label Asset Tokenization Platform

A customized end-to-end tokenized assets issuance platform for issuers and their specific target industry. Issuance companies can tokenize their assets such as commercial or residential real-estate.

As an issuance company, you can provide Tokenization as a Service and the tokens generated has the following features :

  • Automated Compliance with Blockchain & Smart Contracts.

  • Globalized KYC/AML Verification

  • Multi-Ledger Security Token Development(EOS, Hyperledger or Stellar)

  • Automated Policy and Regulations with Smart Contracts

  • Non-Fungible Tokens for every Security Token Issuer

  • Automated reporting to Regulatory Authorities

  • Tokens issued have an interoperability layer for exchanges across the world

white label asset tokenization platform

Types of Tokenization Asset Offering

Real-Estate Tokenization

Real-Estate Tokenization

Make your real estate investments accessible, digital, and global through a legally compliant token structure. Tokenization of commercial real estate ensures the illiquid assets are digitized, thereby, making the investments as the world’s largest and most secure asset classes.

Art Tokenization

Art Tokenization

The fractional ownership of existing art pieces helps artists and galleries with viable businesses by making paintings into commodities and adding monetary value. This opens up the art world into uncharted territory where the decision-makers are the investors or the token holders.

Stable Coins

Stable Coins

Stablecoins are hailed as the Holy-grail of the cryptocurrency market. Beyond the stable value for the trade and investments, stable coins also allow exchanges to get their hands on the much-needed liquidity.

VC Fund Tokenization

VC Fund Tokenization

Tokenization helps investors keep track of their Investment Funds without the need for an intermediary. The VC fund tokens comply with financial regulations and allow investors to buy and sell tokens in the trading platform or over the counter(OTC).

Illiquid Asset Tokenization

Illiquid Asset Tokenization

There are many assets that cannot be readily converted to cash. These could be current, fixed, or even intangible assets. These can be tokenized without any loss of value with an increased trading volume, thereby, yielding profits for the investors and the project.

Mining Repository Tokenization

Mining Repository Tokenization

Mining repository is a highly illiquid asset which is an ideal industry for tokenization. Gold-backed cryptocurrency, silver-backed cryptocurrency or a renewable energy cryptocurrency are the future of commodity and futures trading helping highly illiquid assets become liquid.

Steps to Tokenization Asset Offerings!

  • Step 1

    Finding the Illiquid asset to tokenize such as commercial estate. We at Nadcab Technology carry out our due diligence for tokenization.

  • Step 2

    Our auditing and financial consultants will advise on the jurisdiction checks with regards to the asset titles such as zero debts and any other parameters specified by the owner.

  • Step 3

    A Special Purpose Vehicle or Entity(SPV/SPE) is formed especially when tokenizing commercial real estate which would own the complete assets under the SPV/SPE.

  • Step 4

    The technology behind the Tokenization of the Asset is the strength of Nadcab Technology. We believe ERC-20 is not an ideal solution for TAO due to the gas prices, congestion of networks, and changes in protocols. Nadcab Technology will build customized blockchains with inbuilt smart contracts on top of the Ethereum or in Hyperledger or Stellar.

  • Step 5

    The valuation of the assets is scrutinized by the auditing company, post-which a value per token is suggested and the issuance company such as yours can issue a token at that price.

  • Step 6

    Once the token is developed with regulations embedded into the smart contract, a dashboard will be provided for investor management for the issuer and fund management for the investors. The dashboards include KYC/AML, Accredited Investor verification, and voting rights in-built for investors and project owners.

  • Step 7

    The tokens are offered through a Tokenized Asset Offering(TAO) for investors to purchase a legally compliant token under the framework of the legal requirements. As the smart contract ensures the automation of regulatory requirements, there are no requirements of third-party intermediaries such as transfer agents.

  • Step 8

    Once the TAO is completed, the token is to be listed on the Security Token Exchanges for investors to trade on the secondary market. These can also be traded through Over The Counter(OTC) where the accredited investors can trade directly with the token holders.

Investor Management Dashboards

  • The dashboard provided by us is an all in one platform for you to manage the KYC/AML records, Accredited Investors, Market Cap, Fund Raising, and Investments.

  • You can engage with your investors through proactive disclosures and mail them for openings in further rounds of investments.

  • You can see audit trails, checklists, activities, standard reporting process in a secure way.

  • Investors can manage their portfolio in an effective way.

  • All the announcements(voting, holdings, new offerings, etc) can be transmitted through the dashboard.

  • All the transactions of the security tokens can be categorized through the Capable Management

Investor Management Dashboards
tokenized asset ecosystem
  • The dashboard provides transparency to the Tokenized Asset Ecosystem.

  • Bylaws, Shareholder agreements, SAFT, etc. are kept in one safe location allowing consistent view across platforms.

  • Tracking shareholder management with an ability to download and confirm messages, voting items, and track responses.

  • Issuance companies can distribute and the investors can track the dividends.

  • Investors can also vote through the dashboard.

Blockchain Technology

The Ethereum Blockchain with ERC-20 does not suffice the requirements of the asset-backed tokens. The major issues include gas prices, congestion in the networks, and protocol issues. To overcome the issues, Nadcab Technology develops customized scalable blockchain and smart contracts to fit the requirements either on Ethereum or Hyperledger, or Stellar.

The following are the features :

Legally Compliant Tokens

Legally Compliant Tokens

The tokens issued are embedded with a smart contract which has the regulations of the registered jurisdiction coded. These include legal frameworks of fundraising, investor qualification rules & transaction limits on transfer.

Global Investor Participation

Global Investor Participation

Issuance companies face problems during secondary trading when different countries are involved. Our tokens can be traded across borders with the idea that the tokens issued are securities and must comply with securities laws. The token sales and secondary trading are developed with conditionality on the smart contract.



Blockchain ensures all the transactions including the conditional are visible to the financial regulators. The benefits of a transparent ecosystem will help the cryptocurrency market under the purview of government regulation. The process of transfer agents is being automated the entrepreneurs can raise funds in a simpler and cost-effective way.



At Nadcab Technology we develop a technology that allows the issuance companies to reissue tokens to the investors if the investor loses their wallet keys subject to terms and conditions. The wallet must compatible with the legal requirements and the investor must have the right to reclaim his lost tokens.

Voting Rights

A proprietary voting platform built on blockchain enhances security, transparency, and scalability which is stored on a distributed ledger. An ecosystem of governance is created for your companies security token structure to meet your needs. This reduces the overhead in the voting process and makes the governance of your organization easier and increase trust among your investors.

  • The voting rights platform ensures a peer to peer, trustless secret ballot immune to intermediary attack and exposes vote manipulation if any.

  • Through an off-chain layer, we ensure the scalability of the platform which can handle millions of votes per minute.

  • Transparency is inherent to blockchain and the stakeholder can verify every vote in the system through fully auditable codes.

  • There is no single point of weakness in the system with minimal risk of being compromised due to the decentralized nature of the system.

KYC/AML Automation

In the regulated TAO, the basic requirements are KYC/AML verification reduces the risk through reputation scoring which helps issuance companies identify high-risk individuals. This helps you prove your investor's identity,risk-based authentication, and preventing identity fraud. In addition, you can also reduce money laundering activities.

KYC/AML automation help in the efficient onboarding of the investors in a quicker time frame.. In addition, you can stay ahead of the regulations through a flexible interface where you can respond to new developments with ease.

Accredited Investor Verification

In a simple, reliable, and confidential interface companies can verify their investors. When the client signs up for our TAO, a simple questionnaire, few certification requirements along the uploading of supporting documents are sent to their mail.

We take the necessary steps in a legal way to verify accredited investors. It is important to note that the background verification must be done via professionally licensed attorneys with ethical codes maintaining confidentiality.

Investor Prospectus

An Investor Prospectus is a document that will explain your project and the requirements of fundraising. Previously known as a whitepaper, the owner’s manual will consist of the following :

  • Legal Disclaimer

  • Letter to Investor

  • Executive Summary

  • Problem Statement

  • Solution

  • Token Technology

  • Tokenomics

  • Dividend Distribution

  • Financial Summary

  • Team

  • Conclusion

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