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SPL Standard Solana Tokens Development

SPL tokens are fungible tokens on the Solana Blockchain. These tokens are based on the Solana Program Library (SPL). SPL tokens can be stored in Solana compatible wallets such as the Solana SPL token wallet Fungible tokens were first introduced and made popular by the Ethereum ERC-20 token standard for fungible tokens. Fungible tokens are a set of tokens which have all identical properties. You can imagine it like a US Dollar bill. Every dollar bill is worth the same and can be used for exactly the same purpose.

Solana Token Development Interface

The Token Program is written in Rust and available on and Auto-generated C bindings are also available here JavaScript bindings are available that support loading the Token Program on to a chain and issue instructions.See the SPL Associated Token Account program for convention around wallet address to token account mapping and funding.

Solana Token Development Interface
SPL TokenDevelopment Use Cases

SPL Token Development Use Cases

Solana users will most likely be interested in SPL tokens for investment purposes. You can acquire the SPL token of a project on Solana if you believe in the value proposition of this project. Once you hold SPL tokens you can exchange them on decentralized exchanges such as Project Serum. If you don’t yet know what Project Serum is you can read our introductory guide to Serum Decentralized Clone.

Solana Blockchain Token Swap Program

The Solana Token Swap Program allows simple trading of token pairs without a centralized limit order book. The program uses a mathematical formula called "curve" to calculate the price of all trades. Curves aim to mimic normal market dynamics: for example, as traders buy a lot of one token type, the value of the other token type goes up. Depositors in the pool provide liquidity for the token pair. That liquidity enables trade execution at spot price. In exchange for their liquidity, depositors receive pool tokens, representing their fractional ownership in the pool. During each trade, a program withholds a portion of the input token as a fee. That fee increases the value of pool tokens by being stored in the pool.

Solana BlockchainToken Swap Program

Solana based Token Development Solutions

Launching Smart Contract MLM on Solana Network, a decentralized MLM network which is under control of smart contract. In this process development and deployment of Solana token Solanaix (TRX) is used as rewards. Initiate your smart contract MLM on Solana with utter safety and reliability and attract all the margins of profits toward your business.

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