What is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

What is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Distributed ledger technology refers to the technological infrastructure and protocols that allow simultaneous access, validation, and updating of records in an irreversible way across a network spread across multiple entities and locations.

DLT, more commonly known as blockchain technology, was introduced through bitcoin and is a buzzword in the word of technology given its potential across industries and sectors. In the simple words DLT is about decentralized network idea against conventional "centralized" domain effect on sectors and entities that are dependent on a trusted third party over a long period of time.

DLT Explained

DLT is a protocol that enables the secure functioning of a decentralized digital database. Distributor network elements the central authority for check keeping against manipulation.

DLT allows storing all the information in a secure and accurate way by using Cryptographic. It can be accessed using "Keys" and cryptographic signatures. Once the information is started, it becomes an immutable data base and rules through the governor of the network.

The nature of a decentralized ledger makes them immune to cybercrime, as all copies stored on the network need to be attacked at the same time for the attack to be successful. Moreover, simultaneous (peer - peer) record sharing and updating makes the whole process faster, more effective and cheaper.


DLT has great potential to revolutionize the way government institutions and corporations operate. It can help the government in tax collection, passport issue, land registration and record of licenses and take out of social security benefits as well as in the voting process. technology finance music and entertainment diamond or other precious asset supply chains of different communities are being built in the industry.

Apart from startups, many big companies like IBM and Microsoft are using blockchain technology. Some of the most popular distributed ledger protocols are Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabrics, Corda and Quorum.

Benefits of DLT

• DLT has the potential to speed up transactions as they remove controlling authorities or middlemen.

• DLT also has the potential to reduce transaction costs as the process of fees through middlemen is removed.

• DLT is more secure in comparison to traditional technology because every single note in the network is recorded there, creating a system that is more difficult to plagiarize or successfully attack than central technology.

• The mood of DLT record handling is transparent as information is shared between different notes and its witnesses around the world.

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