What is Byzantine Fault Tolerance

What is Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Byzantin Fault Tolerance

In 1982 the problem of the Byzantine general was accepted as one of the logical decision puzzles. The premise is how generals on the same side with different troops can have communication problems when making decisions about Texmo against the enemy.

What is Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT)

In a few worlds Byzantine fault tolerance is the property of a system that is capable of resisting the classes of failures derived from the Byzantine general problem. This means that a BFT system is capable of continuing to operate even if some nodes fail or work spitefully. There is more than one possible solution to the Byzantine general key problem and hence there are many ways to construct a BFT this time system. Similarly there are different approaches for a blockchain to achieve Byzantine fault tolerance and this leads us to the so-called consensus algorithms. Let's take away.

With any computer system with multiple nodes, each node can be considered general, the Byzantine fault tolerance of the system, meaning whether it will continue to operate if some nodes go down, or internationally it will be decimated. may try to do.


Importants of Byzantine fault tolerance

Byzantine fault tolerance is important from a computing perspective because it means that a system can continue to work. Even if certain component stop working. Anything that uses a computing system, such as an airplane or a space probe, must be able to function when all nodes are not at 100%.

How does Byzantine fault tolerance relate to blockchain

Blockchain technology is how cryptocurrencies validate, process, and record transactions. A group of nodes must agree for a transaction to be valid. Every blockchain network has a consensus algorithm that specifies specific rules that its nodes must follow to reach an agreement on transactions. Consensus Algorithms is how a blockchain achieves BF because cryptocurrencies are different live is decentralized so each one faces a large-scale version of the byzantine general problem a blockchain must be able to work even if it has There may be nodes which are not working properly or giving false information.

Final thoughts

The Byzantine general problem is a fascinating dilemma, which incidentally gave rise to BFT systems being applied extensively in a variety of scenarios. some use cases of Beyond BFT systems from the blockchain industry include the aviation, space and nuclear power industries.

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