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Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit Company

            Smart contracts facilitate complete automation, decentralization, and enhance transparency by removing the need for a middleman.             Similar to traditional contracts, a digital smart contract also includes a set of rules on the parties involved. The digital contracts execute           itself when the requirements are met. Now, to ensure the security of smart contracts, smart contract auditing is imposed. A smart contract     audit is essential to make sure that the smart contract works as expected and aims at finding security vulnerabilities to prevent security breaches and hack attacks before it is being deployed.

        Nadcab Technology is the best Smart contract development services, who have trained professionals to audit your smart contract             before its execution. We do a thorough analysis of the smart contract’s functionality and perform all necessary checks against known vulnerabilities to eradicate errors in the digital contract and ensure that it is safe to deploy in the main network.

 Smart contract Audit company

Who needs the Smart Contracts Audit?

Who Needs The Smart Contracts Audit ?

Generally, it is a must to test any software products developed before its deployment, to ensure that it is bugs free. Similarly, smart contract audit is necessary to assure error-free digital contracts and this service will be needed by,

  • Industries with Smart Contract
  • Owners and managers of ICO startups
  • Product owners of Decentralized Applications
  • Anybody who needs the trust of stakeholders and investors

Why is Smart Contract Audit Important?

The importance of correct the smart contract code before its deployment is more in number because once it is written on the blockchain, the code cannot be changed. The effect of activating smart contracts without proper audit could result in a contract failing to operate in the desired manner or result in theft or loss of personal data. So it is very important to do smart contract auditing before implementing it on the main network. Some of the advantages of a smart contract audit are listed below

  • Prompt operation of smart contract
  • Optimize the code
  • Run the code efficiently
  • Re-enforce authorization
  • Secure
  • Boost confidence
  • Saves time and cost
Why is Smart Contract Audit Important ?

Our Smart Contract Audit Approaches

Smart contract auditing includes automatic and manual testing. The automatic audit is done to find commonly encountered security vulnerabilities while manual test shows the efficiency, logical, and optimization improvements.

Manual Code Review

Manual Code Review

We will examine the code line by line to know the areas with high, medium and low risk and potential security vulnerabilities. We learn your business logic and identify the flaws that could affect the smart contract functionality.

Manual Testing

Manual Testing

We have an expert team, specialist in testing smart contract without using automation tool, to find the edge cases in the code. We focus will be on identifying the security issues as it the biggest threat for a successful smart contract.

Static Analysis

Static Analysis

We utilize static analysis to identify the vulnerabilities and classify into high, medium and low. These are usually related to transaction-ordering dependence & front running, under or overflow bugs, replay attack and other bugs in token.

Automate Code Analysis

Automate Code Analysis

Automatic analysis of code will automate the assessments with regards to critical areas of blockchain and smart contract. When we use this approach, the vulnerabilities are identified easily and quickly.

Industries Where Smart Contract Audit is Used

Industries Where Smart Contract Audit is Used

Industries started to adopt Smart contracts in their business and so they need for smart contract auditing has been on the rise. We serve various industries and help our client’s in developing and auditing smart contracts as per their demand.

  • Banking and Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • Insurance
  • Voting
  • Real Estate
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Constructions
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Identity Management

Why Choose Nadcab Technologies for Smart Contract Audit?

Industries avail Smart contract development to enhance their proficiency. Being the best Smart contract development company, Nadcab technologies holds a record of satisfied clients. We are a reliable partner for smart contract auditing as we hold the features as below

  • Detailed Report
  • Extensive analysis
  • Guaranteed Transparency
  • Clear Audit Metrics
  • Experienced team
  • Audited 100+ smart contracts
  • Proactive approach
Why Choose Nadcab Technologies for Smart Contract Audit ?

Hire Our Professionals

Hire Our Professionals

Our smart contract development team provides complete support in building a secure and cost-effective smart contract and perform a smart contract audit before its deployment. Our professional team has extensive knowledge of analyzing the smart contract functionality and proficient in performing necessary checks against vulnerabilities. We excel in smart contract audits for various industries across the globe and efficient in delivering the project on time.

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