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Supply Chain Development

 Supply Chain Management & Development Company

The supply chain is the core management of goods and their supplies. It involves frequent documentation of miscellaneous items along with their prices. Furthermore, it deals in taxes and duties which make the total cost of goods incurred to the company. From the very early stage of goods being shipped from the time they get delivered to stores or factories from warehouses, supply chain management takes care of everything. This particular work has been done with cumbersome paperwork and giant databases over the server. It is time to upgrade supply chain development using blockchain technology.

Nadcab Technology makes blockchain supply chain development transparent, efficient, and easy. It helps to document the transactions with a decentralized distributed ledger technology. Keeping everything secured within the network yet making it easily accessible for information. With blockchain, smart contracts and escrows make their way into the supply chain. These components along with the whole architecture of blockchain make this whole business optimized and streamlined. Blockchain makes the operations of the supply chain extremely efficient with timestamps, smart contracts and peer-to-peer architecture.

Supply Chain Management System Service

We strengthen the supply chain management with services that are empowered with blockchain. This technology paves the way for a better mechanism
which maintains various aspects of the business in the most comprehensive and precise manner.

Supplier catalog management

Maintaining the catalogs in the most secure and cryptic manner.

Contract price management

Helping the management in determining the price with accurate results.

Ordering products and services

Ascertaining the products and services with correct ordering procedure.

Requisitions management

Saving the requisitions documents in an arranged and ordered manner.

Retrieving supplier’s quotes

Tracing back the history and getting the all the price quotes with dates.

Purchase orders processing

Making the order processing way faster with no middlemen or gateways.

Making receipts for materials

Authenticating every transaction with receipts through smart contracts.

Invoices processing

Processing invoices with a faster speed equipped with peer-to-peer architecture.

Business growth

Ultimately leading to business growth with all the features and advantages.

Role of blockchain in Supply chain process

Improve Inventory Management

Blockchain manages inventory by making things reckoned in sets. It, therefore, improves tracking and saving the record, which becomes easier and safer without any risk of losing the information.

Eliminate Manual Errors and Frauds

Going through the several channels of delivery, manual errors and fraud make their way subtly into the supply chain. Blockchain makes the whole system impervious to manual errors as everything gets recorded digitally from the sources of origin.

Reduced Courier Costs

Costs of transportation sometimes become acute in the supply chain owing to many duties and taxes. Blockchain cuts down this additional burden by removing all the middlemen.

Enhance Customer-Retailer Relationship

With transparency and enhanced efficiency in business, you will have better relationships with your customer, retailer, or partner. Blockchains eliminate all the chances of forgery making the trade fair.

Attributes of Supply Chain

Cryptographic Ledgers

By keeping the cryptographic ledgers, blockchain protects all the transactions to be viewed by anyone outside the network, it is the safest way to save transactions.

No third party involvement

Peer-to-peer architecture precludes all the intermediaries and allows only the two trading parties to deal with each other.

Shared Datasets

With the help of datasets, it makes sure the transactions are easily accessible to the members of the network without any hindrance.

Secured, transparent and trustable

The transactions done over blockchain remain safer than any other mechanism or paper. It gives authenticity, transparency, and security.

Blockchain Multichain Development Services

Multichain technology is an API and command-line interface that helps users to establish private blockchains which can be used by the organization for financial transactions. It serves the purpose of averting the errors or confusions and maintaining stability over transactions while two blockchain nodes connect. Supply chain and Multichain can give your enterprise a firm establishment by giving it security, reliability, and the full-fledged cryptic blockchain network.

We provide ace services in supply chain management and enhance the working of your organization with features that are part of our private blockchain development. With a wide range of services and satisfaction, we hope to give an experience to our clients that they remember and come back to us every time.

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