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NBFC Software/ RD, FD, MIS Software

NBFC Software Solution is complete and user-friendly software. With one common database and configurable user security profiles.

NBFC Software

Non-Banking Finance Companies deal with stocks, bonds, shares, debentures, rd, fd, mis, loans and accept deposits under various schemes from investors and provide loan to customers. These companies are witnessing growth at a rapid rate and to keep up this growing trend, a better system is required to control the functioning which leads to the emergence of NBFC software. It is a completely web-based system with useful integrations like SMS/Email that can be customized to suit specific client requirements,support for multiple users and maintenance of all records make NBFC software versatile.

Nadcab Technology understand the massive demand of it and has come up with the most feature packed NBFC software, that has been developed keeping in view the working process and needs of these micro-finance companies and to maximize the productivity & efficiency in most convenient fashion. It is basically a simplified banking software offering broad range of features.

Let's understand benefits of NBFC SOFTWARE at Awapal :

Software always plays a crucial role in enhancement of any business. And NBFC is no exception. The software plays a crucial role in long term investment plans and pays a huge role in organizational purpose. We take a step forward and develop outstanding financial software proving to be a stepping stone in enhancement of NBFC software.

Accounting module loaded with intelligent features enable accuracy with powerful performance.

Graphical reports for account details, payments, summary reports, and all other miscellaneous activities enables complete review of working.

The software combines most exemplary features to make the working smoother by offering member module, admin module, e-wallet, payment gateways, export of reports, Check printing, SMS and Email integration, and web hosting each feature acts as a foundation stone for better functioning of these companies.

Nadcab Technology NBFC software also has features for Branch management, investor management, agent management and all other related activities including back office management, combining all details related to investors, agents, commission payments and investments done at one place.

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