Nadcab Technology Launches Tokenization Platform

Nadcab Technology Launches Tokenization Platform

  • Date : Nadcab Technology Launches Tokenization Platform
  • Author : Dyna D'coasta

Nadcab Technology announces the launch of Tokenization Platform Prayagraj, UP

Nadcab Technology is excited to announce the launch of Tokenization Platform Development Company India. Technology is transcending a replacement path in terms of trading & securities ecosystems, by adapting to Nadcab technology.

Nadcab technology is a new field in the trading and securities ecosystem by adapting to blockchain technology. Crypto tokens were created to convert non-current assets into liquids. Crypto tokens can be tied to securities such as crypto bonds/stocks/assets. With an unmatched track record, Nadcab Technology provides a feature-rich, compatible platform for digitizing and liquidating assets on the blockchain while ensuring legal compliance of securities tokens.

The official launch date for the Tokenization Platform is 3 September 2020.

Nadcab Technology believes Tokenization Platform

End-to-end platform development

Legal compliance

Lifecycle management

Unique identification of tokens

Globalized KYC/AML Verification

Multi-ledger Security Token Development

Crypto/native tokens or fiat currency as a payment gateway

Automated Compliance with Blockchain & Smart Contract

Automated Policy & Regulations with Smart Contract

Automated Reporting to Regulatory Authorities

Tokens issued have an interoperability layer for exchanges across the world of impact functionality.

Tokenization Platform launched at STPI (Software Technology Park of India) in Teliyarganj Prayagraj UP in the presence of the director and the whole team of Nadcab Technology on 3 September 2020

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