Nadcab Launches The Blockchain Consulting Services

Nadcab Launches The Blockchain Consulting Services

  • Date : Nadcab Launches The Blockchain Consulting Services
  • Author : Dyna D'coasta

At Nadcab Technology, we've served many of the world’s largest companies to strategize their blockchain solutions and that we have additionally worked with dynamic startups to reinforce their growth potential. That will Our distributed ledger technologies have disrupted the availability chain industry, healthcare, and payments industry simultaneously. With our unmatched knowledge in blockchain technology, we are crowned because of the leading blockchain Consulting Services within the market.

The official launch date for Blockchain Consulting is 25 August 2020

Strategic Consulting

You can get advice on the strategic implementation of blockchain technology protected by a radical analysis of your company's profile. alongside simultaneous development support - data analytics and consultation wise. we'll evaluate the potential of existing blockchain technology which will be utilized in optimizing your business.

Training module

We provide guidance, training, and teach teams through seminars, workshops, constructive feedback, and informational resources on blockchain technology and related applications. It provides sufficient knowledge of the complex blockchain ecosystem and all branches. Training modules are provided by experts and advisors who have developed the solution.

Hands-On Experience

We have worked with numerous blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects in real applications and cryptocurrencies. The project manager created a framework for the consulting team through continuous improvement and feedback. The core strength of our blockchain consulting firm is the direct experience of customizing the blockchain to the needs of our clients.

Blockchain Consulting launched at STPI ( Software Technology Park Of India ) in Prayagraj UP in the presence of the Director and the whole team of Nadcab Technology on 25 August 2020

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