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Everything a company needs to manage its most important asset - its Human Resource(HR Management)

Human Resource Management Software

HR management is a significant activity for organizations of all size. For workplaces, it includes managing the employee welfare strategies. These strategies are key to productivity of a workplace. For preparing effective strategies, HR managers need quick access to personal details, disciplinary records, employment history etc. The assistance of an accurate system is crucial, this assistance is possible with HR management software. Client-server technology has completely revolutionized software industry eliminating installation and maintenance.

HR software stores all employee information at a central location for a quick retrieval. It revolutionizes a workplace with automation of all repetitive and time-consuming tasks. All the HR data is streamlined, software maintains easy to access database of current employees, job openings, and professional developments. Integration of tasks results in instant decision making, therefore, saving time of the HR personnel. Apart from tackling the administrative side software increases internal communication between departments. Self-service allows employees access to information of their use.

HR management software

The software also tackles the core HR functions such as recruitment, training, payroll, and employee performance evaluation. Inherent flexibility is essential and helps the software adapt to different organizations. This adaptability makes the software of equal relevance for schools, colleges, large and small organizations.

Our HR management software is a package of profound features addressing to core functions of this essential departments. With all-in-one capability, it is a solution for small and large organizations.

Dashboard of HR Software

  • Customizable dash board can act as a information display or notice board for the users, enable them to view important information notices
  • Goals of the day tools is available to schedule the tasks to be performed in the day
  • HR can publish a beautiful "Quote of the day" to spread the zeal of motivation within employees with digital pictures
  • Dash board can be visualized as a cover page of the software
  • Remote access to any operation in the software by creating shortcuts is the major advantage of Dash board

Jobs Managements

  • Making the KRA's for all existing and new positions and sending the same to the employee at joining time
  • Review and Updation of the job description and communicating to employee
  • Defined eligibility criteria of each position
  • Postings of job in different websites saving their beginning and expiry dates with details of login ID's and password
  • Requirements of new position in the company, approvals according to the hierarchy and forwarding to the HR Department
  • It help in creating the fitment of right job for write employees
  • It increases the quality per hire
  • Reduce portals cost by providing multiple facility options
  • It ease the work load for recruiters

Applicants Management

  • Automated Distribution of the incoming job applications
  • Categorize and short-listing process management of the CV's according to the eligibility criteria
  • Interview letter can be send to them directly by one click
  • Options of archive, follow up application as per the requirement
  • Data bank maintenance for the future prospects
  • Offer job facility
  • Conversion of applicant to employee, details auto filled
  • Time Save - Repetitive entry are not required while using the software
  • Multiple round feedback at multiple hierarchy level of the candidate can be entered helps is right selection of the candidates
  • MIS preparation for relevant applications

Employee Management

  • Personal Information management for each employee with highly protected data incorporation
  • Documents uploading options ID/Address proofs can be saved with their information
  • Credential Management of the employee can be uploaded into the software, hence no paper work required
  • It minimize the filing work documentation executive or documentation room not required
  • Multiple backs enable to restore data
  • E-documentation is considered to be safe at the time of disaster occurrence
  • A complete employee life cycle management from job application to resignation
  • Reduce the admin cost

Attendance Management

  • Programmed calculation of number of days present for an employee in a month
  • Biometric support system
  • No chances of errors in In-Time & Out-Time recording
  • Accessibility is easy of this web based automated attendance system
  • Records kept protected and locked
  • Flexibility of manual entered excel sheet can be uploaded in absence of biometric
  • Yearly records preservation without any dilemma
  • Customized excel can be downloaded for the entered details
  • No compatibility concerns just required a internet connection to access from anywhere
  • Employee also feel satisfied with the transparency in system

Leaves Management

  • Online leave applications by the employee
  • Online multiple approval/rejection system according to the hierarchy with appropriate remarks
  • Leave record account of each employee enable them to plan mentioning the leave type and eligibility for avail
  • Automated mails to the employees for absence at work
  • Leave policies and distinctive workflow for employee information
  • Medical records online submission records for each employee
  • Trusted and Transparent system for employees
  • Leaves record sheet can be imported/exported from excel format
  • Leave management system work with complete compatibility with attendance management
  • Auto updated of approved leave records in attendance sheet
  • A new applied leave reminder pop-up on screen of HR to take immediate action
  • Absenteeism actions records warnings triggers

Holiday Management

  • Annual holiday calendar facilitate the planning schedules for employees beneficial for booking decisions
  • Any unplanned holidays like election occurrence etc. can be penetrated and correspond to the employees instantly
  • Worked on holiday record sheet for compensation records
  • Weekly Holidays and occasional holiday record sheet execution
  • Managers can plan the work scheduled in view of compounded holidays

Appraisal Management

  • Online appraisal form filling
  • Evaluation of questions with well-defined appraisal criteria and standards
  • Salary Appraisal can be done and communicated to the employees
  • End to end record maintenance of appraisals
  • Reports of percentile % appraised amount
  • Less time consumptions for appraisal procedure

Payroll Management Software

  • Reports generation such as ESI, PF, Income Tax, VAT deductions
  • Taxation and deductions reports of employees
  • Reports of required tax returns
  • Statutory & Compliance report with application of local employment laws
  • Online employ evaluation for appraisals
  • Appraisals can be done online with auto calculation of % of salary increment
  • Loan and advance management
  • Customization of pay slips formats
  • Mode of salary payment records
  • Various share holding investment plan for the employees can be pre defined
  • Tax saving plan can be predefined and can be beneficial
  • Excel import and export options available
  • Roll back facility of any wrong entries
  • Defined structure of employees salary breakups with CTC and gross emoluments
  • Cost reduction with highly automated work standards
  • Reports are highly reliable with data management transactions
  • Full and final settlement reports and formats

Performance Management

  • Build proficiency based employee progress goals
  • Collective reports of employee overall performance
  • Identify performer of the month employee department wise
  • Task assigning feature with the target limit of completion
  • Project responsibilities distribution within the department
  • Goal management tools for the motivation of the employees
  • Automated notification facilitate administrative action
  • A software with a efficient interface and effortless routing will help to raise user contribution and create the performance management procedure more resourceful
  • Weighted goal can be created and assigned
  • Performance reviews can be monitor
  • Employee training needs can be identified
  • Hike can be decided accordingly
  • Self assessment form with multiple interface

Hierarchy Management

  • Organization structure help us to meet our business objectives
  • Hierarchy management is the easiest approach to rights and privileges strategies for the employees
  • Reporting order of every employee can be viewed
  • Transparency in office environment makes strong bonding between the employees
  • Rights and responsibilities can be easily analyzed
  • Observation of heavy workload and rectification is straightforward
  • Hierarchy management helps in skilled hiring
  • The promotional pathway in clear and apparent for all employees
  • A visibly distinct hierarchy generates a path of responsibility for each project and activity within the company
  • Staff members are extremely dedicated to their department within the organization
  • It helps in wages and salary administration

SMS Centre

  • Bulk SMS sending facility
  • Can scheduled the SMS sending on required date and time
  • Standard message or information can be conveyed to numerous people at same point of time
  • Alerts can be send to the students/faculties on each examination activity

Email Centre

  • Bulk email tool for communication with the employees with any of the urgent or important messages
  • Email sending facility with filtration of employee by departments, job type, designations, locations, levels, or cost centers
  • Send mails to only targeted employees with email already listed

Reminders System

  • Generation of scheduled alerts at respective time
  • Setting a priority let you to rank your tasks according to their importance
  • Priority setting according to the respective importance of tasks can be scheduled
  • No chances of forget any essential task
  • Daily work scheduled can be created to enhance productivity

Internal Messenger

  • Easiest connectivity approach between the team members
  • Not on limited to chat but instant file transfer options are also available
  • Facility of voice chat, video chat, text messages, chat room
  • Offline messages can be send for effective communication
  • History of chat is secured and can be administrated anytime
  • Tabbed Chat feature allows elastic arrangement of numerous chats into a single window to maximize effectiveness
  • White board feature for instantaneous drawings is great for presentation
  • Availability of Screen shot feature
  • Screen sharing feature
  • Auto-reconnect if the internet connection breaks
  • Daily reports of statistic
  • Administrator can over view the active chat and can take over
  • Localized multiple languages accessibility

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