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VirtuHunt - Augmented Reality Hunting Game

Overview Virtuhunt Augmented Reality Hunting Game

Now it's your chance to discover and hunt animals surrounding you – So, get your feet into shoes, walk outside and let's hunt! VirtuHunt is the world's first-ever Augmented Reality hunting game that lets you step inside an amazing world full of rare and exciting wild animals that are waiting to get hunted. The better you hunt, the more exotic and wild animals you will unleash. Whether it's a shopping mall, office, salon, or school – You can hunt animals anywhere surrounding you but, be careful! You don't get hunted. The game is quite interesting to play. You can choose your own hunter and customize it as per your surrounding. You can even choose various apparel available in the shop section to give your hunter a personal touch. Once you enter into the jungle, a real-time radar will direct you to find animals. When you find yourself close enough, just simply tap on the animal, switch to the camera mode, target and fire – The animal is hunted! All hunted animals will be added to your trophy case. As you level up, you will find more wild, exotic, and rare animals to hunt. The game also introduces a backpack of various hunting outfits, weapons, lives, radars, traps, snares, baits, and animal scents to hunt dangerous animals and make hunting more exciting. Just download an amazing augmented reality game and go hunting.

Client Requirement

A client from South Africa approached Nadcab Technology to develop an Augmented Reality based hunting game that uses real-time radar to place 3D animals in front of the hunter and shot them in the AR mode. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


Hunting Animals-With the help of real-time radar, players can get an acknowledgment of where exactly animals are hiding. When you are close enough, you can tap on an animal and switch into the AR mode. Using a camera, aim the animal and fire to hunt. If you miss the shot, animals will attack you and your life will be endangered.

Trophy Case-It consists of all the wild animals that you have hunted and the cunning ones that are still on the way to get captured. All the hunted animals will be added to your unique trophy case. To fill your bag with more virtual coins, you can release your captured animals from the trophy case.

Create Your HunterYou can even create your own personalized hunter with multiple outfit combinations. You can shop for various apparel in exchange for the specified coins. Dress your hunter in accordance with your surrounding so that it becomes difficult for animals to identify hunters.

Avatar Movements-Avatar movements are based on the real-time positions of players. Avatar will act as per the player's real-time movements. Eg: If a player runs, the avatar's animation will be at high velocity. The Player's animation can be either walk, run, or idle.

Reviews & Ratings-Players can give ratings and feedback about their gaming experience.

Bonus Box-At a certain level during the ongoing game, players may come across a bonus box where they can achieve bonuses like life, powers, weapons, etc.


Real-Time Avatar Challenge- Whenever a player plays the game, the movement of the avatar is decided based on the player's velocity. Managing and moving avatar as per player's velocity was indeed hard and challenging. Using functions of GPS.Last data. Latitude class of Unity 3D, Our developers managed this scenario quite efficiently.

Markerless Augmented Reality-During development, it was quite hard to develop and implement the object in a real-time environment. The amalgamation of an object in a player's real-world environment was one of the most challenging and hardest parts during the entire game development. However, with the help of UnityEngine. WebCamTexture class of Unity 3D, the entire scenario was handled by our developers.

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