Real Estate Tokenization Elad Network

Overview of Real Estate Tokenization Elad Network

ELAD Network is a blockchain-based real estate broker. We have developed an online real estate platform that combines blockchain, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence technologies to revolutionize the way real estate buys, sell, exchange, and invest around the world. Our main focus is partial ownership of assets using EQ (Equity) coins. We are working with several government agencies to achieve this mutual goal. ELAD tokens can participate in real estate exchanges or participate in capital and profits earned from assets. The ELAD network not only paves the way for the real estate industry to adopt the cryptocurrency class but also allows individuals to create their own wealth in markets that were previously inaccessible.

The requirement of Real Estate Tokenization Elad Network

Find a Property-Take a look at ELAD's asset catalog until you find the asset you want to invest in blocks (stocks) for. View all statistics, monthly income, documents, and history of the property.

Buy a Share-Decide how many blocks you want to invest and the value of each block.

Earn From Your-Share Earn monthly revenue in blocks without hidden fees and true transparency. Payments from rental income and audits of the property are reflected in monthly revenue.

Feature of Real Estate Tokenization Elad Network

HIGH SPEED AND LOW COSTS-Smart contracts autonomously perform funding – collect and release payments.

NO MORE MIDDLEMEN-ELAD Network and our affiliates handle the maintenance, legal, transfer, and contract exchange process.

EASY ENTRY AND FAIR COMPETITION-Open an ELAD network account, find real estate, buy stock, or invest.

FAIR DEALS ONLY-Open-source smart contracts ensure fair and transparent transactions between affiliates and affiliates.


The way ELAD trusts, associates, and transacts with others has improved. The vision is to decentralize the exchanges commonly used in the land industry. ELAD simplifies the whole procedure, allowing the average individual to be on the one side that is customarily far from the usual sight.

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