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Papa John's - A Pizza Delivery App | Case Study | Nadcab Technology
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Papa John's - A Pizza Delivery App

Overview of Pizza Delivery App

Papa John's on-demand pizza delivery application allows different Papa John's franchises et al. to deliver food at their customer's doorstep. it's a wondrous app for drivers who wants to earn extra cash with their routine work. This app allows users to register as a deliveryman and updates their profile, see a current based location and nearby stores also as their order details. With the utilization of this app, drivers also can track the history of their delivered orders. it's one of the foremost innovative and unique apps that just not provide drivers to look at their job report details but also allows them to vary their service state.

Client Requirement

A client is the president of Papa John's franchise group from New York. There are several Papa John's restaurants in the New York City area. He wanted to come up with some more effective ways to make food deliveries easier for each and every franchise. In this app, he wanted some features which enable stores to track drivers by GPS and get the system more productive. He was in search of the best mobile app development company to develop an app like Uber and found Nadcab Technology through a blog. He contacts us with his requirements and we made a superior application that helps delivery boys to earn extra money.


As per the client's need, Nadcab Technology has developed a Driver App and Admin Side.

Driver App Features  

1. Driver Login/ Sign up An application allows drivers to register as a delivery boy with their required details. Once the moderator confirms their registration, they can log in any time with their personal credentials.

2. Accept Ride With the help of this feature, a driver can accept or reject the ride from a list of requested rides.

3. View Participating Store in a Range A driver can view participating in nearby stores in this app through a map. That helps a user to easily locate the store in minimum time.

4. Update Profile Users can update their profile details anytime. They can also delete their profile.

5. Pick up order at a nearby restaurant A driver is allowed to pick up an order from the list of orders in nearby restaurants requested by a moderator.

6. Complete Order Once the food is delivered by a driver, he/she can update the order status to Complete the Order.


1. View order Moderators allowed to view order details through this feature. It helps them to manage all orders according to their details and location.

2. Track Driver and Order Moderators can track driver and order through this feature. It helps them to track free drivers or drivers with 2 or fewer orders.

3. View Driver Details With the help of this feature, a moderator can access the driver's full profile details, real-time order list, and history of completed orders.

Admin Panel

1. Send push notifications on a new order In on-demand apps, a push notification feature is necessary. Admin will send push notification regarding new orders to the registered drivers.

2. Track Order store to the delivery destination Admin can track orders from stores to a delivery location with the help of a map.

Super Admin

1. Create Moderator Super admin can create different location wise moderator. Moderator will manage every order in the app.

2. View driver, order, store details Super Admin is allowed to view all details stored on an application such as driver's profile detail, order details, and history or delivered orders as well as participating store details.

Store Manager

1. Create Order A store manager can create an order with full details in an app and submit to a moderator for delivery.

2. Track Order A store manager can also track order status.

3. Set Order Status: Ready and On Way Store Manager can set and update the food order status to Ready or On Way.

4. Confirm Pickup Order The store manager confirms pickup order status once food picks up by a driver for delivery.


1. Create Store and Driver Moderators can create stores and drivers requested by users.

2. Manage Driver Moderator can view the driver's full details and allowed them to assign them a job. This feature allow moderators to view the status of a current list of orders driver working on that helps them to assign a job to drivers hasslefree.

3. Track Orders With this feature, a moderator can track order details and delivery status.

4. Make Driver Attendance List Moderators can create the driver's attendance list and update all details in it. Set Time Duration Moderators allowed to set the expected time duration for every food order from order pick up to order delivery.


To Display Multiple Orders In A Map - In this app, multiple stores add various orders every day and it's necessary to display each and each order on a map. To display each order on a map was a touch bit tough due to different directions. Our developers did accurate research to beat this challenge and implement Google API during a map code.

Calculate Total Time Estimation - On the admin side, a client required a system that estimates hours to deliver each and each order. during this system, it must calculate time from making food to deliver the customer's doorstep. Our developers implement Google API during a developed system that successfully calculates detailed estimated time.

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