Hi Oscar - An On-Demand Taxi App


hi oscar – Taxi application for passenger and driver is free for Indian people, who always try to go somewhere at the perfect time and if they don't have any vehicle or they want a comfortable ride. It is the one that aligned with the Indian cultural paradigm, providing Drivers with more stable remuneration and improved security. Simply you should choose the destination and a car will be right there for you. For women passengers' safety, this app introduced the main feature that allows users to choose women, driver. You can also choose the car type you want to ride like Oscar, Big, Fancy, or Pink. hi, oscar is one of the great values for drivers and passengers as well.

Client Requirement

The Client from India approached Nadcab Technology to make an Android and iOS app for the people living in India. A Client wanted an app that helps people to pick taxi On-Demand and ride their destination in a short time. Due to a busy office schedule and traffic on the road, a client found difficulty to ride vehicle and reach the destination at a proper time. He realized that there are several people who faced the same difficulty to reach their destination. This raised the idea of app development that makes it easy and fast for people to get a taxi and book trusted as well as skilled drivers through their smartphone. At the same time, the idea was to streamline the complete process of finding a taxi by users and giving a job to drivers.

Hi-Oscar For- Passenger

Promo Code & Referral Code Applied

Payment Option By Credit Card

Give Rate And Comments To Driver

Book Future Ride

Get An Invoices At User Profile

View Every Detail Of Past Rides

View Each Detail Of Future Bookings

Cancel Booking

Stop Ride Before Drop Up Destination Arrives

Registration By Social Support & OTP

Live Location Suggestions

Vehicles Categories Like Oscar, Big, Fancy, Pink

Locate Current Position With Gps

Estimated Fare Calculation

Call Driver After Register For

Ride Ride Stopped Automatically At The Drop Point

Live Tracking Features

Use Emergency Numbers

List All Available Cars On Map

Get Notification When Driver Arrives At Pick Up Location .

Hi-Oscar Driver – For driver

Upload Relevant Documents Accept And Decline The Booking Requests View Info About Passengers Navigation To Reach Pick Up Location Waiting Time Calculation & Charges Confirm The Payment Through Credit Card Route Navigation From Pick Up To Drop Off Location See All Future Booking Schedule End The Ride Manually Before Drop Off Location Reached On Passenger Request.

Hi-Oscar Admin Panel Features

Master Search

By Customer Name,

By Customer Phone

By Driver Name

By Driver Phone

By Reservation Id

Reservation Management

Pending Reservation

Assigned Reservation

Completed/Canceled Reservation

Customer Management

Send A Trip Receipt

Search Reservation By Date

Search Reservation By Specific Driver

Search Reservation By Booking

City Booking

One Way Booking

Out Station Booking Driver Management Schedule Management

Manage Driver Details
 Assign Cars to Drivers

Track Driver's Location on Map

Car Management

Add Car Details

Manage Car Rates

Search by Car Name or Fare

Manage Block List for Cars.

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