Overview of GDPR

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This is at the heart of European digital privacy laws. The GDPR Cash token with the GDPR symbol is a standard ERC20 compatible Ethereum token. It is pre-mined through pre-sale and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and distributed between users and experts. At the end of the ICO, tokens can only be purchased or received by their respective owners. ICO participants. The services we provide can only be purchased through tokens. General data protection regulations This is a functional utility token within the GDPR.CASH platform. GDPR tokens are not securities. GDPR tokens are non-refundable and are not intended for speculative investment. No promises of future performance or value are made with respect to the GDPR, including intrinsic value, guarantees of ongoing payments, or guarantees that the GDPR tokens will hold a certain value.

Requirement of GDPR

Lawful, fair, and transparent processing-Companies that process personal data must process personal data in a legal, fair, and transparent manner.

Limitation of purpose, data, and storage-The company limits processing collects only necessary data, and does not store personal data after the purpose of processing is completed. This effectively brings the following requirements.

Data subject rights-Data subjects have been assigned the right to ask what information they have about the company and what the company does with this information. In addition, the data subject has the right to request the correction, object to processing, make a complaint, or request the deletion or transfer of personal data.

Data Protection Impact Assessment-To estimate the impact of a change or new action, a data protection impact assessment should be performed when starting a new project, change, or product. Data protection impact assessment is a procedure that should be followed when there is a significant change in the processing of personal data. This change can be a new process or a change to an existing process that changes the way personal data is handled.

Feature of GDPR

GDPR will soon become law. With broad norms and privacy at its core, these regulations give individuals more control over their personal data. We provide more data privacy to individuals by handling complex questions such as what personal data is collected, how it is used, what happens when you try to remove consent, etc.

Specific permission-You may not use it for any other purpose or sell it to third parties unless you give permission to the app or website to use your details in a specific way.

Data portability-Here you get the right to request any data the company has about you in a readable format.


The most important GDPR challenge for any company using personal data is the complete range of work that needs to be done to make it fit according to the updated guidelines. It is huge and requires a very delicate and thorough approach. Overall, the challenges of implementing a GDPR for enterprises can be divided into technology and organization.

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