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Best Technology for Mobile App Development

Date : 2020-07-15 Author : Garima Ghosh

Mobile app development can be a program to help develop apps for small and wireless computing devices. The mobile app was transferred from PC applications to mobile devices.

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How to start your MLM company?

Date : 2020-07-16 Author : Garima Ghosh

Everything you would like to understand the way to start your own MLM company or an immediate selling company and check out a free MLM software demo to understand more.

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STO Launch Services

Date : 2020-07-16 Author : Garima Ghosh

Security tokens are blockchain-based crypto tokens that are funded by accredited investors around the world, including sorts of tradable assets like stocks, dividends, land, gold, and more.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Date : 2020-07-17 Author : Garima Ghosh

With AI, machines can learn from experience, adapt to new inputs, and perform human-like tasks. The term AI was coined in 1956, but today AI has become more popular as data volume increases, algorithms improve, computing power and storage improves.

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Real Estate Tokenization

Date : 2020-07-20 Author : Garima Ghosh

Tokenization is a blockchain-based token, a process that represents a partial ownership interest in an asset. It’ll revolutionize the important estate industry by increasing financial participation and opening a category of non-current assets for general investors.

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