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Augmented Reality (AR) App Development Company

Augmented Reality is the trending technology which enables the user to interact with the digital world using real world objects or interact with real world using digital medium. Over the years, the technology has overstepped the realms of gaming and has established its presence in the business landscape as well. No wonder, more and more businesses are embracing it to elevate the user experiences to the next level. Augmented Reality solutions pave the way for two-way interaction with customers and the brand, which helps businesses in establishing a better connect.

Augmented Reality App Development Services

 we take care of your Augmented Reality application development project from start to finish using Agile methodology, offering full transparency and flexibility.


Expert AR Consultation

Our developers are certified and provide expert AR app development consultation services. We offer a transparent and streamlined consultative approach for various business requirements.


AR apps for Android/ iOS/ Windows

We build scalable, robust and secure Augmented Reality applications for iOS, Android and Windows development with the latest OS compatibility. Our motto is to offer interactive, unique and client-eccentric app development services, and we give our clients the ultimate customer experience.


AR Support & Maintenance

Let’s Nurture offers Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and support services with Augmented Reality development that help in keeping AR applications up-to-date with OS version upgrades. We ensure top-notch app stability by knowing the business process of our clients.

AR Game Development

AR Game App Development

Our Augmented Reality (AR) game developers are technically proficient in using tools like Unity, Unreal Engine, Corona and Amazon Lumberyard for 2D and 3D game development, Android game development, iOS game development, game art outsourcing, 2D game art outsourcing and Facebook game development.

AR - Ecommerce Integration

AR integration to Ecommerce

The applications of AR are limitless. Ecommerce businesses can leverage Augmented Reality development to drive sales, enhance print-media advertising, and replicate in-store experiences, helping them to the top the ladder of the ever-competitive market.

AR Geo-location based apps

Location based AR Apps Development

AR integrated with Geofence based apps will allow to load virtual objects that can be interacted to your immediate environment using GPS/ Geofencing coordinates. GPS systems using Augmented Reality and phone's camera in combination with the GPS to get destination directions and meter, weather, terrain, road conditions, traffic information as well as alerts to detect potential hazards in path.

Projection based AR Apps for Businesses

Projection based AR development

Along with custom mobile app development, our certified app development team helps in designing and developing projection-based AR applications that place a virtual image on a physical object in the physical space.

Recognition based AR Apps

Recognition based AR Apps

This is Marker-based Augmented Reality (AR) focusing on real-world objects/visual markers using QR code/NFT technologies. Using Wikitude, an AR library, we help in building robust recognition-based Augmented Reality apps that allow users to know more about objects in detail, with 3D imagery using markers.

Outlining AR Apps

AR Apps Outlining

Hire  AR app developers, who are masters in developing intuitive apps based on outlining, which recognizes the boundaries of an object while projecting AR assets accordingly.

Benefits of AR technology

Customer Experience

The firms present the overlays of the designs and showcase it to the consumers to visualize their product’s color, size, features, and other factors. The user has several options to customize their product by experiencing them in the real world through AR.


Marketing strategies inclues AR to attract customers. AR-based marketing and promotional apps make you view the adds through interactive videos and more.


Repair your cars and other gadgets using AR. Simply follow the working of the AR representation and let your problem get solved in no time. By using AR overlays, one can easily visualize the troubleshooting procedures.


Learning and development for the student are pretty much easier now. Provide real-time lessons to the class and make the class more interesting for pupils.

                Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality in Publication
Augmented Reality for Architecture
Augmented Reality for Health care
Augmented Reality For Events
3D Modelling Services
Augmented Reality for Manufacturing
Augmented Reality in Retail<
Apps for Online and Offline Sales

Hire Augmented Reality Developers

Our team of experienced Augmented Reality (AR) developers build custom, scalable and robust AR apps using cutting-edge technologies. We understand customers’ needs and expectations, and our highly qualified app developers leave no stone unturned to deliver the best app for your branding needs.

We can provide you with unmatched Augmented Reality (AR) development solutions at competitive prices. We also enable you to access a team that follows Agile/Scrum methodology to deliver tangible builds on deadline.

  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Rendering
  • Rigging & Animation
  • Clean Design and Layout
  • Markerless & Marker-based Tracking
  • Building App Without Debugging
  • SLAM Tracking

  • Nadcab Technology offerings for Augmented Reality Development

    Custom Php development

    Ecommerce/mCommerce applications with AR integration

    Custom Php web development

    AR-based marketing apps for effective engagement

    Geo Location based AR App Development company

    Geolocation-based app integration with AR

    healthcare monitoring ar app development

    AR apps for the healthcare industry for live images of surgery

    Industrial applications AR app development

    Industrial applications with AR views

    augmented 2D and 3D effects

    Apps with added augmented 2D and 3D effects

    Technology Expertise

    Being an Augmented Reality app development company with the right resources and experience, we bring rich technology expertise into the projects we undertake. Here are some technologies that we use to create user-centric AR apps.

    wikitude app development company
    Unity 5 App Development Company


    Vuforia App Development Company


    ARKIT App Development Company


    Arcode app development company


    xcode app development company


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