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AI Software Development Company

With our exhaustive understanding of artificial intelligence development, we offer an array of services that can add on a coating of intelligence to the business system handling complex logical tasks faster as compared to manual operations. Nadcab Technology AI services work across diverse technologies to bring about an integrated solution that accomplishes industry needs to its optimum. Following are the key service areas that we expertise in:

  • Custom AI software development
  • Cloud-based artificial intelligence
  • Bot development
  • AI as a service
  • Knowledge-based systems
  • Pattern and image recognition
  • Biometrics based access protocol
  • AI-enabled chatbot apps
  • Decision management
  • Advanced business analytics
  • Face detection and video analytics
  • Patient management system
  • Finance and market prediction bot
  • Retail analytics solution

Industries That Use AI Technology

           Games & eCommerce
           Automotive Industry
          Healthcare & Medicine
          Industrial Process Automation
          Retail & Logistics
          Tech Businesses
          Defense & Law Enforcement
           Banking & Finance
          Manufacturing & Telecom

We Have Expertise In

          Machine Learning
          Image Processing
          Computer Vision
          Predictive Modeling
          Natural Language Processing
          AI Bot Development
          Speech & Text Recognition
          Big Data Analytics
          Robotic Process Automation

Secure & Scalable AI Consulting and Development Services

We have a highly skilled and dedicated team of AI engineers who have extensive expertise in developing advanced AI solutions to maximize your ROI. As one of the most revered artificial intelligence development companies in India, we help you to embark on a futuristic journey with the adoption of AI technology. We provide strategy consulting services to enable you to understand the diverse applications of AI and how it benefits your organization. From development, implementation, integration to support, our team will provide you with the most secured, dynamic, customized, and scalable AI-driven solutions with faster time to market delivery and at the best price.

AI Development Services | Fuel4Media Technologies

Our AI Development Services

Our wide array of AI services includes Intelligent Chatbots, Big Data-based Marketing Solutions, Virtual Assistants, AI Robots, Predictive Models, Pattern, Speech and Text Recognition Tools, Cloud-Based AI Enterprise Software, Advanced Decision Simulation Systems, Patient Management System, Face Detection Tool, Financial Guidance and Surveillance Systems. We have become the leading provider of AI development services in India because we conduct in-depth assessment of your problem, make recommendations for tools and architecture and provide tailored solutions while considering your budget and timeframe.

Our AI Development Teams

We have AI consultants to provide you with custom solutions that will exceed your expectations. Our data scientists and data engineers work together to develop the API of your machine learning system that fully corresponds to your unique requirements. Our business analysts develop a proof of concept based on robust business processes that matches your enterprise model and provide the best solution in order to achieve complex results. Our project manager will coordinate everything with at each stage to make sure you and our teams are on the same page.

AI Development Teams | Fuel4Media Technologies

Our AI development Cycle

Our only aim is your satisfaction and success. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and to develop a more precise and accurate solution. Our developers offer high-end code development and work on the advanced tools to deliver sheer excellence. We then seamlessly integrate our developed solution into your existing system. We promise a long-term support to all our clients, so we also offer maintenance services to keep the performance of the AI solution at its peak all the time.

Technologies We Use to Develop AI Solutions

Pytorch | Fuel4Media Technologies | Fuel4Media Technologies
Python | Fuel4Media Technologies | Fuel4Media Technologies
Tensor Flow  | Fuel4Media Technologies
Keras | Fuel4Media Technologies | Fuel4Media Technologies
Theano | Fuel4Media Technologies
Microsoft Azure | Fuel4Media Technologies
DJ4J | Fuel4Media Technologies
IBM Watson | Fuel4Media Technologies
Java Scala | Fuel4Media Technologies
Kafka | Fuel4Media Technologies
Spring | Fuel4Media Technologies
Elasticsearch | Fuel4Media Technologies

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